Electric power for the Middle Tennessee region is provided by TVA and the local distributors of TVA power. TVA is the nation’s largest single power corporation, supplying the energy needs of more than eight million people throughout Tennessee and portions of six adjoining states. TVA power is distributed through 159 municipal and cooperative power distributors.

TVA power is one of the most efficient and reliable systems in the country, offering numerous advantages to businesses and industry:

  • Generating capacity of more than 28 million kW.
  • A diversified mix of generating sources – nuclear (20%), fossil (61%) and hydroelectric (19%).
  • Interchange arrangement with neighboring systems which increases service reliability.
  • A commitment to providing reliable power at the lowest possible cost.
  • Power supply options and programs that help lower cost and promote growth and expansion.
  • TVA is uniquely qualified to meet the growing demands for electric energy today and well into the 21st century.

Natural Gas

Tennessee’s extensive network of natural gas pipelines combined with its virtually untapped resources, assures all customers of long-term, dependable supplies at competitive rates.

  • An estimated 45 billion cubic feet of natural gas reserves.
  • Served by 10 major interstate pipeline companies.
  • Customers are supplied from both public and private utilities of municipal systems.


Tennessee boasts a plentiful water supply. Ninety percent comes from 29 major lakes and 2,100 miles of major streams. These waterways are fed by 45 to 55 inches of annual rainfall.


The Middle Tennessee area is covered by more than 80,000 miles of fiber optic cable from BellSouth. The network is linked to digital switching centers that provide access to some of the most sophisticated telecommunications services available in the world.

Meetings and information exchange are facilitated through Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), which links people electronically with voice, high-speed data and video simultaneously over a single phone line.

The high-tech Tennessee Economic Development Center is available as a resource for businesses needing interactive video conferencing and other user-friendly multi-media technology.