Middle TN Advantages

Middle Tennessee: The Hub of the Southeast

Middle Tennessee has a reputation for attracting quality industries and keeping them. The reason:

  • 50% of the U.S. population within 600 mile radius of Nashville, the State’s capitol.
  • 38 county service areas serve as a distribution point for 75% of all major U.S. markets.
  • A geographical advantage for manufacturing, distribution and corporate headquarters.

In addition to its strategic location, Middle Tennessee offers other advantages to a wide variety of industries:

  • Cap on franchise/inventory tax for distribution/warehousing facilities.
  • Tax incentives on machinery, manufacturing and distribution equipment/racking systems.
  • Jobs Tax Credit Program.
  • Abundant workforce in “Right-to-Work” state.
  • Reliable TVA electric power.
  • Highly-developed transportation system.
  • Climate that supports business and growth.


Middle Tennessee offers an ample supply of labor in both rural and urban areas. The state’s “Right-to-Work” law guarantees an “open shop” – no worker is forced to join a labor union when hired, even if a union exists at the place of employment.

Excellent rural road systems and a moderate climate allow employers to draw labor from a wide geographical area.


Over 34 percent of the state’s estimated population of 5.175 million resides in the Middle Tennessee area.


The “Three States of Tennessee” – The Tennessee delta . . . the mountains of East Tennessee . . . and Middle Tennessee’s rolling hills – offer year-round recreational and sports opportunities:

  • 29 major lakes for boating, fishing, canoeing.
  • 30 beautifully equipped and maintained state parks.
  • A 12-month season for golfer’s, hunters and fishermen.
  • Professional sports.
  • The Tennessee Titans NFL team
  • NHL’s Predators
  • AAA Nashville Sounds Baseball
  • Major college football, basketball and baseball.
  • Host to the BellSouth Senior Classic golf tournament.