Education & Training

Industrial Training

Through the state’s Industrial Training Service, a training program can be tailored to a company’s specific needs at virtually no cost. Employee skills and productivity can be maximized through technical assistance available in:

  • Employee recruitment and screening.
  • Pre-employment programs.
  • Job-specific training.
  • Workforce development.
  • Travel expense support.
  • Industrial materials.


Middle Tennessee has a vast array of educational centers, including:

  • 11 colleges and universities.
  • Four special-purpose institutions.
  • 10 technology centers.
  • Two two-year extension centers.
  • 12 professional and career schools.
  • 10 centers of excellence, five chairs of excellence and four centers of emphasis are located on the campuses of Middle Tennessee’s higher education institution.

Middle Tennessee’s network of technology centers and community colleges combined with the state’s Industrial Training Service assures an available pool of trained employees.